Shield Defense iPhone XS Max Case Raptic Clear Black

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Military Grade Drop Protection
Don’t let its ultra-sleek, lightweight clear frame fool you—the Raptic Clear iPhone Xs Max protective case is crafted with durability in mind. Each one is tested to meet the requirements of military-grade drop protection, protecting your phone from falls up to six feet on concrete. How? Each case is built using a combination of a hard, polycarbonate shell that has an interior coating of shock-absorbing polymer, so your iPhone Xs Max is effectively protected against everyday bumps and dings—and stays looking like new.

Triple-Layer Shock Protection
A trio of materials make the Raptic Clear iPhone Xs Max protective case both fashionable and functional. It starts with a hard polycarbonate shell designed for structure and overall protection, without obscuring your phone’s individual style. The interior is lined with a special DropShield shock-absorbing polymer, which takes the brunt of any drops, bumps or dings without transferring them to your phone. Think of it as a deflector shield for your precious communication asset. Lastly, we use rubbery TPU to line the outer edge of the case, ensuring your buttons have protection, and you never lose your grip.

Integrated Sound Channel
Whether you’re FaceTiming with friends, catching your fave show on Netflix, or going down a YouTube wormhole of cute cat videos, superior sound makes the experience all the more enjoyable. That’s why we’ve created an integrated sound channel into every Raptic Clear iPhone Xs Max protective case. It amplifies the bottom speaker, effectively redirecting your phone’s sound so that it’s front facing, rather than coming out from either side and heading in two opposite directions. Your phone will have never sounded better, no matter what kind of audio you’re listening to.

Premium Clear Rubber Exterior
We get it—you bought your iPhone Xs Max because you wanted to show it off, but you still want to give it effective protection. We built the Raptic Clear protective case for people like you. The polycarbonate back is ultra-hard, scratch-resistant and won’t yellow, so your phone’s true colors are always on display. Plus, it gives your phone a strong structure that protects it from scratches and fumbles, so you can rest easy knowing your phone is safe if you drop it, and looks amazing while you’re using it.


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