Shield Defense iPhone XS Max Case Raptic Shield Rose Gold

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Military Grade Drop Protection
Your phone probably won’t be jumping out of planes, but having military-grade drop protection means your iPhone Xs Max will land safe and sound from falls from six to 10 feet. We achieve this feat of engineering by using a combination of hard polycarbonate, soft rubber and anodized aluminum metal, so your phone has the best protection possible. Rest easy, because we’ve got you covered.

Anodized Machined Metal Frame
Our Raptic Shield iPhone Xs Max case is made of a heavy-duty machined aluminum frame, giving your case form and protection on the outside. On the inside, your iPhone Xs Max is encased in soft rubber to effectively absorb and deflect shock from the impact of falls big and small. Think of it as wrapping your phone in a feather pillow that’s then wrapped in metal casing – that sucker is safe. Plus, the frame’s raised lip protects your screen from drops and surface scratches.

Acoustic Channel Directs Speaker Forward
Is there anything worse than trying to use your speakerphone, or listen to music without headphones, or watch something on YouTube and having the sound going in two opposite directions? True, the iPhone Xs Max isn’t really known for stereo sound, but we’ve crafted a solution into our iPhone Xs Max cases that can get it there. Using an integrated sound channel, our iPhone cases amplify the bottom speaker to redirect the sound to the front of the case, so you can hear everything with crystal clear, front-directed sound – the way you were meant to.

Clear Polycarbonate Back Panel
We get it – you love your iPhone Xs Max and you want to show it off, but not at the risk of endangering its protection. That’s why we back our cases with a clear polycarbonate panel, designed to protect your iPhone Xs Max from impact and scratches while putting that Apple logo and its stylish color scheme at center stage. And the best part? It won’t yellow, so your case lets your iPhone retain its true hue.


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