GameSir F4 Falcon Mobile Gaming Controller

550.00 EGP

  • Designed for iOS & Android Phone(4.5-6.5 inch)
  • Click 9 times per second, Take Enemies down fast
  • Fast Response, Short-Distance, and Clicky Buttons
  • As long as the game allows customizing and dragging the keys
  • Unique Designing – Foldable Wings, Folded, it is like a falcon in rest
  • Plug and Play, you can play games without installing drivers or Bluetooth
  • Suitable for shooting games, including PUBG, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, etc.
  • Up to 4 Different Burst Modes. F4 controller is armed with the “selector” as the same as the real M4A1 does


This time, from now on, you can blurt its name out: GameSir F4 Falcon! Without any drivers or complicated app or Bluetooth, REAL plug-and-play! Compared to the traditional Bluetooth mobile gaming controller, owing to GameSir exclusive magic, F4 controller kills the connection latency, faster 4 times than the Bluetooth controller

F4 controller is crafted by the aesthete’s hands, which is not only a controller for playing but also a rare piece of art. Folded, it is like a falcon in rest; unfolded, it seems a nimble falcon pursuing its prey, which is the same as you do with F4 in the gaming

Similar to the shape of falcon, the F4 controller’s shape seems to be formed by nature. Without any useless lines and parts, F4 controller power switch is set as an invisible one: when you use it, it will turn on naturally

What’s more, as small as the F4 controller looks, it’s inside delicate design is beyond and above your imagination: every button, every circuit, and every position is refined and tested again and again. In a word, F4 controller enjoys an aesthetic shape and fast plug-and-play gaming experience


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