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Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an open world action role-playing game developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch video game console. Released worldwide on December 1, 2017, it is the third instalment in the Xenoblade Chronicles series.

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Young, orphaned salvager Rex is hired by the Argentum Trade Guild Chairman Bana to aid Jin, Malos, Nia, and their Blades in the salvage of an ancient ship. In the ship, they find Pyra, a legendary and especially powerful Blade known as an Aegis. When Rex reaches out to touch Pyra’s sword, Jin fatally stabs him. Rex awakens on a field with Pyra, who reveals they are in a memory of her old home Elysium. She asks him to bring her to Elysium and in exchange gives him half of her Core Crystal to revive him. With help from his Titan companion Gramps and Nia, who has defected from Torna, Rex escapes to the Titan Gormott, but Gramps is wounded and reverts to his larval stage. Soon after, they arrive in Gormott’s capital Torigoth and are joined by the Nopon Driver Tora and his artificial Blade Poppi. The group try to get to the World Tree, but are stopped by the Artifice Ophion and swallowed by the Titan Uraya.


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