Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn

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Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn is a beat ’em up game intended to replace the stigma of the original game.

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A Legend Rebornᅠfeatures gameplay that heavily differs from its predecessor, more akin to aᅠbeat ’em up; despite the fact that it was commonly advertised and publicly claimed by developers, fans, news outlets, and even Shaq himself, to be a sequel, it is purely a reboot in its truest sense, taking place in a completely different continuity than the first entry (coined by some fans as the Reborn Universe, with both its predecessor and the cancelledᅠShaq Fu 2ᅠbeing in the Delphine Universe), and both the character dialogue and area aesthetics in the levels make plentiful references and inside jokes that call back to the first entry (such as Kaori’s name showing up on a Traffic Ad Banner), as well as Shaq’s career, Shaq Fu Radio, and even the development phase ofᅠA Legend Rebornᅠitself, among plentiful others. It was met with mixed reception: While some critics noted its repetitive combat, unreliable controls, andᅠcollision detection, as well as a lack of replay value for those who completed the main campaign,ᅠothers praised its tongue-in-cheek humor and frantic action.


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