Dead Rising 4

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Dead Rising 4 is an action-adventure video game developed by Capcom Vancouver and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One.[2] It is the fourth installment in the Dead Rising series. It was announced at Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference on June 13, 2016. It features the return of Frank West, and is set in a Christmas-themed Willamette, Colorado.

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In 2022 (a year after the zombie outbreak in Los Perdidos, California), Frank West, a former photojournalist now working as a college professor, is approached by one of his students, Vicky “Vick” Chu, who convinces him to help her investigate a military compound, situated on the outskirts of Willamette, Colorado οΎ— the site of the first zombie outbreak. Once inside, they find out the compound is being used for zombie research, but are discovered and forced to flee, with Frank labelled a fugitive after he is falsely accused by the government.


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